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The Museum has more than two million images of aircraft, aerospace personalities, events, equipment, and places of historical importance to aviation. Prints, negatives, and slides are included in this large, unique collection.

The Library & Archives is pleased to make available a growing collection of digital images via Presented is a growing sample, currently of over 160,000 photographic images. This sampling is only a "snapshot" of the Museum's total holdings. For a listing of additional images, view the indexes below in PDF format. If a desired photo or image cannot be located on Flickr or in the indexes, we still might have it.  Contact the Library & Archives staff for further assistance by clicking here.


The goal of the Library & Archives is to make the public aware of the quality and depth of the Museum's photograph collection to encourage further research using original photographic materials. Individual copies may be ordered for personal and commercial use for a small fee by contacting the Library & Archives or by downloading and mailing the reproduction contract.

reproduction & usage forms

Fees for photocopies, print and film duplication and commercial usage of SDASM images/film apply. Please print, complete, and submit the applicable two-page forms:
Reproduction and Usage Fee Schedule
Reproduction Request Form and Contract

Images with "No Known Copyright Restrictions" in The Commons on Flickr:

The San Diego Air and Space Museum is participating in The Commons on Flickr to further the Museum's educational mission and increase public access to its collection of photographs.

The Museum's images that are part of The Commons are marked "no known copyright restrictions," indicating that the Museum is unaware of any current copyright restrictions on the works so designated, either because the term of copyright may have expired without being renewed or because no evidence has been found that copyright restrictions apply.

The images shared as part of The Commons are for personal research and enjoyment. The Air and Space Museum does not warrant that the sharing of these images will not infringe upon the rights of third parties holding rights to these works. It is your responsibility to determine and satisfy copyright and other use restrictions before copying, transmitting, or making other use of protected items. If you have any knowledge about rights holders for any of these works, please contact the Library and Archives of the San Diego Air and Space Museum at 619-234-8291 ext 125.

It is the policy of the San Diego Air and Space Museum to charge licensing fees for commercial use of these images, which helps fund ongoing efforts to care for our collection. If you are interested in licensing for commercial use, please contact the Library and Archives by clicking here.


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