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Max Flight Interactive Ride

The Dual-Seater is ready to duel! The FS2000 Two-Seat Flight Simulator is part of an all-new, sleek squadron of indoor full-motion multi-role aircraft rides. Each is poised for the sharp banks, sky loops and screaming dives of pulse-pounding aerial combat and is completely controlled by the pilots themselves! The 360-degree pitch, roll, spin and spiral action is real while riders fly any one of Max-Flight's combat and flight training programs on a huge 58" screen in the cockpit.

Faster, sharper and more exciting than any indoor thrill-ride on the market, the FS2000 lets guests be pilot or gunner or both as they engage in interactive dog fighting, carrier landings, flight training and aerobatic maneuvers with the finest, most realistic graphics available. You must be at least 44in. to be able to go on the Interactive Ride.

Doron Transport 6 Simulator

The Doron Transport 6 simulator is our newest attraction. Unlike our other simulators, this has, like the name implies, a capacity of six people, meaning the whole family can enjoy the ride together. It offers roll, pitch, and vertical translation for the best simulation possible, and our barnstorming adventure has already proven to be extremely popular. Come and try it!

F-35 Interactive Simulator

Our four F-35 simulators offer a level of realism in simulated flight beyond that which any of us is familiar. Previous flight simulators will seem archaic by comparison. The new simulators offer 200 degrees of immersive imagery, powered by the X-Plane software and created by three projectors, that adds an enormous measure of reality to the simulator experience. For even more realism, the F-35 simulators feature a flat panel display depicting the flight instrumentation found in the actual aircraft. Right and left sub-panels with fighter plane style switches and levers adorn the fuselage interior. Visitors perch upon authentic F-18 ejection seats (disarmed of course) for an even more realistic aircraft feel while flying the simulator.

3D/4D Zable Theater

The 3D/4D Zable Theater uses advanced 3D technologies but takes it to the next level of experience; employing interactive seats and unique special effects built into the theater itself. By creating a set of "4D" effects synchronized to the film production, the 3D/4D Zable Theater adds another layer of immersive and experiential fun for audiences of all ages.

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